Aftermath of my clavicle fracture, part 2: Sling-optional

This will be a quick update for any readers who are interested in my recovery from the crash that claimed my collar bone fifteen days prior.

After meeting with my orthopedic surgeon, I am now cleared to work (albeit from home), and I am encouraged to stop wearing the sling and try moving my frozen shoulder around. The sling was good for limiting my shoulder’s movement and making sure the fragments of my clavicle would be aligned enough for collagen fibers to set. However, that also froze my shoulder and left it pretty stiff, so the aim now is to restore its range of motion and work through the initial pain and resistance.

I am still discouraged from doing quite a few things: riding outside, driving, lifting weights. Those will have to wait until three months after the crash. It’s serious progress from where I was two weeks ago, though, even if my collar bone is still technically broken when looked at in an X-ray, as bone fusion is expected to happen in two months.

Not everything is smooth sailing just yet. While I am trying to use my right arm as normally as I possibly can, there still exists the feeling of my right shoulder getting pulled and bent unnaturally against a fulcrum point that just so happens to line up with the swollen callus of my fracture. Despite all that, things are most definitely looking up.


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