I’m your typical salaryman with a couple of bikes and a love for pedaling them on the open road.

I’m also a budding DIY mechanic. Bicycles are simple enough machines to work on, for the most part, and they lend themselves well to making sure that “DIY” doesn’t stand for “destroy it yourself.” Over the years, I’ve been slowly gathering tools and increasing the breadth of mechanical repairs I can do.

As a rider I am always looking for ways of making things better – and very frequently that is addressed by gear. I’m a massive gear nerd, and to date, everything I review here was paid for by me, myself, and I.

Please do stay and follow my back wheel as I share a story from the saddle or two.

And, just in case that funny French word in the title catches you out, it’s pronounced “ran-do-NOOR.” 🙂


All content is copyright 2015-2022 Juan Miguel de Leon unless otherwise stated.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Juan, I like your folding bike, the other bike is also very nice. I have been a cyclist for many years and always had a hybrid bike with 700c wheels. This changed early in 2019 when I got fed up with hauling the bike on the back of my car (also a little Honda!) when required or getting it through doors or just moving it about. I was also finding it hard to get ‘my leg over’ the cross-bar! So I bought a folder (a branded version of a Tern ).

    I wish I had done it sooner. My love of bikes has returned and I have got some nice lights and a GPS computer for it and to me it looks fabulous. I love how easy it is to move about, jump on and off, put in the car and hang on the wall out of the way. The riding position is also comfortable, unlike the hybrid bikes I had.

    It is an all-round fantastic bike, all bikes should be like this!

    I hope your recovery from the fall is going well and long may you enjoy the Dahon.

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    1. Thank you for the good wishes. You’ll be glad to know the little Dahon is still with me. I use it more as an “errands” or “around the village” bike these days, as it’s geared a little short, but it sees the odd long ride every once in a while.


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