Aftermath post-crash, part 3: So how is Hyro?

This whole time, my road/cross bike Hyro has been with my friend Mario ever since he collected me from the side of Daang Hari after my crash. Hyro has been chilling in his house’s guest room, basically untouched, and Mario just sent me some video.

Amazingly, Hyro seems to have gotten away from the crash largely unscathed. From what I can see of the video, the frame and fork are intact, and Mario says Hyro’s wheels roll straight. I didn’t even lose a single one of my lights, front or rear.

The only real signs of damage are concentrated in a couple of areas. The brake hood on the left STI lever got dragged against the rough Daang Hari pavement, the friction chewing up about a millimeter or so of the rubber material. As the brake hoods are replaceable, and I already have them stowed away at home, that’s a negligible amount of damage.

As mentioned by Mario before, the rear derailleur hanger got bent out of shape. That’s an easy fix, as it’s meant to be a sacrificial part, and I have replacement spares on the way.

The other big thing that got “exfoliated” along the deck was my right pedal. The cage now looks jagged-shiny from the damage. More importantly though, the force transferred up the crank, momentarily wobbled the chainrings, and ultimately bent the front derailleur chain catcher out of shape. I noticed it was becoming soft anyway, but I never expected it to get wrangled into a form that would foul up the chainrings from turning. That said, this is another easy fix.

I will need to see if the cranks still spin true once they’re free of obstruction. If they’re damaged…well, they’re old cranks. Perhaps this might finally push me towards getting a modern four-bolt Shimano road bike crank with the asymmetric 110 mm bolt circle diameter.

I’ve had multiple sets of SKS’ full-length fenders, and they’ve all played up their stays’ capability of detaching in a controlled manner in the event of debris getting stuck between the fender and the tire. I’m not sure if this happened during the crash, but this is the very first time I’ve seen the stays detach. Otherwise, the 53 mm Bluemels fenders are intact and none the worse for wear.

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