Admittedly, the past couple of years have been pretty heavy on product reviews around here. Early on, I made the December 200 km audax redux my main priority, and so I’ve done the equivalent of throwing money at it to increase the odds of my preparation and its successful completion.

Life circumstances are going to change this pattern for 2023. Suffice it to say, in the coming year, I don’t expect to have the same capacity to keep purchasing and testing new things as before. Pretty much everything I’ve written about on this blog – apart from the very infrequent review sample that comes my way – is stuff I’ve paid for with my own money. It’s not the most sustainable thing to do in an age where written blogs like this are arguably a relic of the past, video publishing platforms like YouTube and TikTok are all the rage, and crowdfunding or sponsorships are the way forward for many a content creator.

Best year in cycling I’ve had in a while, only second to 2015

Admittedly, too, the whole cycle of purchasing and evaluating new product, no matter how good it is, can get repetitive and boring if you do it regularly enough.

As much as I would like to write more about outdoor rides…I don’t expect to have much spare time for those either. Circumstances will dictate I spend whatever spare time I have to ride be done indoors on the trainer.

That said, I will still be around. There remain stories to be told from my saddle, although they may change in the coming months. I simply hope you still find it worth your while to hold my befendered back wheel.

Happy holidays, everyone, and thank you for your patronage.


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