Noticing a trend?

Some of you may have noticed that the past few entries on this blog have been dominated by product reviews. There is a reason for that.

After seven years and many, many frustrated attempts and false starts, I am riding the Subic-Masinloc-Subic 200 km audax again in 2022. It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoyed my first crack at it in 2015 – so much so that I wanted to do it again, at least after I had recovered from the ride. This time, having learned my lessons from the first outing, I plan on doing things a little better (and perhaps a little less, uh, accidentally), while accompanying a few friends who are up for the challenge of slaying this particular beast for the first time.

All the products I’ve recently procured and reviewed thus far have been evaluated for their suitability to this 210-kilometer-long one-day ride. You could say it’s been my way of preparing for the event as best as I could.

Quite frankly, I’ve gotten tired of all the delays and false starts involved in repeating this ride, and I just want to finally start it.


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