The FTP diaries: 20220623

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to reach a new personal best FTP, as a prior attempt at the FTP test yielded 194 W – a fair bit down on my previous 206 W.

Turns out, I may have just tested while fatigued. A few weeks later, I made sure my back wheel was 100 psi firm, then went all-out again for twenty minutes.

As before, Wahoo RGT was being a little conservative. I use my ELEMNT BOLT as a secondary data recorder, and it tracked my test effort at 225 W. This is notable, as the ELEMNT BOLT usually under-reads when compared to RGT’s power data.

Getting 95% of 225 W yields my new FTP of 214 W – which will now serve as the basis for my future training. Over the span of two years, I’ve gotten pretty close to increasing my FTP by a whole 100 W.

Onwards and upwards!


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