Shooting twenties

A new year is upon us – and with it come the excess calories most of us ingested from the holidays. And maybe a bit of introspection.

I’m sure we’ve all got our resolutions and goals for 2020. It’s no secret that I got sidetracked from riding in 2019 due to various reasons; given all that, it’s surprising I managed 3,000 kilometers on the saddle that year. Going forward, I unfortunately have to log even more distance pedaling while bolted to a turbo trainer going nowhere, but saddle time is saddle time and Strava does say it all counts.

As of this writing, I am on track to join my second 200 km audax in the next few months, after five years of frustration and false starts. I have yet to put in a simulation ride of at least 100 km, which I hope to do soon. Everything else I can prepare for, however, is as ready as it could be.

I would also love to be in a position to clock a 100 km ride at least once every couple months or so.

My wife has had a few goals of her own as well. Over the year-end holidays, she’s been pedaling Bino and riding loops around our usual stomping grounds, building both her confidence and strength. The 12-kilometer loop has climbs, straights, downhill stretches and some dodgy surfacing, and she’s now at a point where she can ride a complete lap. Considering her starting point of nil, this was a great improvement. I am hoping she sticks to the habit.

As far as cycling goals go, these are pretty tame, I know, but sometimes riding time does have to give way to life. What are your goals for 2020?

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