The loss of fitness and the gain in weight since my crash has been…quite obvious.

After two months of absolutely no saddle time, I decided to take matters into my own hands and reclaim what I lost.

It’s been roughly a month or so of slogging away at the turbo trainer. While I’m still nowhere near what I used to weigh, and I don’t realistically expect to lose any weight, I am feeling the lost fitness slowly creeping back.

Looking over my activity log on Strava reveals I’ve been repeating one particular workout. GCN has a workout set against the Passo Sella in the Dolomites, with erstwhile fan favorite Matt Stephens motivating you through twenty-eight minutes of intervals at 9/10 effort, at 100, 80, and 60 rpm.

This is highly convenient, both for days when I’m starved for time but still need training, and as a barometer of my fitness. The three screenshots below are a good track of my progress.

November 11, 2019.
Average speed/heart rate/cadence: 19.9 km/h, 153 bpm, 73 rpm.
November 22, 2019.
Average speed/heart rate/cadence: 20.8 km/h, 141 bpm, 75 rpm.
December 3, 2019.
Average speed/heart rate/cadence: 21.4 km/h, 138 bpm, 76 rpm.

In a nutshell, I am hitting faster road speeds and spinning at higher cadences, yet at a lower heart rate. Subjectively, I find that I can finish my sessions without feeling depleted.

This is tangible, measurable progress. And it all came to fruition on my first real outdoor ride, where JC Peralta and I hit the rolling hills and false flats of Alabang.

I’m still a heavy bastard, and still an easy target for fat-shamers. Very few people know or understand what goes on behind the scenes. Even so, the small wins need to be celebrated. If you cannot be proud for yourself and your achievements, nobody else will do it for you.

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