Aftermath post-crash, part 4: Stop and go

Given the explanation I received of how bones fuse after a fracture, I expected having to wait until November until I was given the go-ahead by my doctor to do many of the things I was doing prior to the crash: mainly driving and riding my bike again.

Some recent chaos at the office necessitated my immediate resumption of driving duties though. I ended up going back to the doctor for diagnosis and potential clearance five and a half weeks into what was supposed to be an eight-week wait for bone fusion, and a twelve-week wait before full healing.

As it turns out, my collar bone and shoulder were healing pretty well – quicker than expected. The doctor had me move my right arm in its full range of motion, and that was enough to get him to clear me, as I had regained pretty much all of it, with no stiffness. He gave me the go-ahead to resume all my normal activities. It’s not 100% healed though: I still have the sort of sagging in my shoulder from time to time that reminds me that not all is well just yet, and that an X-ray image will reveal my clavicle is still joined by collagen and not bone.

While I’ve returned to driving (oh how I missed it – I am a petrolhead at heart), I’ve been a little apprehensive and concerned about getting back on the saddle. Even though I am all go to ride, I haven’t even gotten on the turbo trainer yet. The realization of just how crappy Philippine roads are and how hostile the environment is toward cyclists has me taken aback. I thought I could address it with my gear, but there’s only so much one can do. Perhaps it is the mental aspect of riding I used to have that hasn’t quite healed yet…and it’s certainly taken its toll on my riding fitness.

In time, I guess.


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