Manila Coffee Cycling Club: March 2018 roundup

My maiden ride with the Manila Coffee Cycling Club two months ago was a rather intimate gathering, with about a dozen of us attendees. After skipping the February meet due to my Singapore jaunt, I joined the gang for the March roundup…and I was quite a bit overwhelmed by the uptick in attendance.

Photo credit: JP Cariño.

Photo credit: Farouq “Roxy” Ibrahim.

For this month’s roundup, we again assembled at Bonifacio Global City – this time at Little Flour along 4th Avenue.

Setting off. Photo credit: JP Cariño.

Riding through tree-lined McKinley Road to Makati. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Here’s Lito shooting a groupfie while riding. He’s barely in the frame. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

We then rode along McKinley Road on our way to Makati CBD, circling around Apartment Ridge, Makati Avenue, and Paseo de Roxas.

At the corner of McKinley Road and EDSA, waiting for green. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Plying Makati Avenue. Photo credit: JP Cariño.

At the corner of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, again waiting for green. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

From there, we circled back and powered our way up Kalayaan Flyover back to BGC and to Little Flour.

All smiles for the camera before turning into the Kalayaan Flyover ascent. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Manny Illana waving to the camera astride his Pinarello Paris. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Atty. Goy Larrazabal and Leroy of The Brick Multisport powering up Kalayaan Flyover. Not too many cars yet, as this was a Sunday morning. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Photo credit: JP Cariño.

Reassembled at Little Flour, we got coffee and breakfast, while the venue played host to some pretty nice bikes and even better company.

This is a stack of pancakes…and it looks yummy. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

This unusual square-shaped bun is what Little Flour calls its “pandesal.”

Quite a good cup of cappuccino.

A smattering of pastries available for breakfast. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Quite a few Italian steeds in attendance, mainly represented by Colnago and Pinarello. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

High-end bike parking. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Hyro looks rather pedestrian compared to most of these machines, but he attracted a few curious glances and questions too. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Perhaps the bike with the most distinctive paint job in attendance. Photo credit: Lito Vicencio.

Photo courtesy Lito Vicencio.

As per JP Cariño, the next roundup might see the club ride a longer route, perhaps one outside Metro Manila.

Photo courtesy Lito Vicencio.

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